Photo of Veterans Park in Ooltewah, TN. A popular park for families living in Ooltewah

Living in Ooltewah, TN – A Realtor’s Perspective

Recently I had the chance to speak with Jennifer Regan, one of the best Chattanooga realtors, to gain insight into life in Ooltewah, TN.

Jennifer, what drew you to Ooltewah? 

“I chose Ooltewah for its suburban charm, offering a peaceful environment while still being conveniently close to downtown Chattanooga, which aligns with my preferences. Whenever I want to enjoy a night out with friends, whether it’s going to the movies or dining at a nice restaurant, it’s just a 25-minute drive to downtown. The rest of the time, I relish the tranquility and green spaces here, including the Collegedale Greenway and Little Debbie Park.

Ooltewah has everything I need. It boasts the top three grocery stores, a variety of retail options, and numerous banking facilities. On days when I prefer not to cook, I have access to a wide range of dining options, from local favorites like Lupi’s to well-known regional and national restaurants.

Ooltewah is recognized as a family-oriented community, a sentiment I share while raising both my daughters here. With an abundance of residential housing and a slower pace of life, the community is currently growing, with new construction attracting many new families. I’m not the only one who finds Ooltewah an enjoyable place to live.”

What are some of your favorite activities? 

“I enjoy spending time at the Commons, a new pavilion and event space here in Ooltewah.  It is a hub for all kinds of community events such as farmers’ markets, craft fairs, and music events. Cambridge Square, too, hosts fantastic festivals, including an annual Oktoberfest and a Christmas market, offering that old-school Town Square vibe.”

Can you share your favorite outdoor spots? 

“The Collegedale Greenway and Veterans Park are definitely at the top of my list. Just a short drive away is Enterprise South Nature Park, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. This park, sprawling over hundreds of acres, offers a variety of trails, including both paved paths for running and biking, as well as extensive trail systems for trail running and mountain biking. Additionally, there’s a dedicated area spanning several acres for equestrian activities. It’s a wonderful place to immerse yourself in nature without having to travel far. You’re essentially in the midst of the city yet completely secluded from it all, making it perfect for trail running, mountain biking, and horseback riding.”

How would you describe the housing market in Ooltewah?

“One intriguing aspect of Ooltewah is its transformation over the past two decades. Less than 20 years ago, Ooltewah was relatively undeveloped. However, it soon became a coveted area for those seeking to live near the city while enjoying a more suburban lifestyle. As a result, many neighborhoods and subdivisions in Ooltewah are quite new, especially compared to the historical and foundational areas of downtown Chattanooga.

There’s been a surge in new construction, with a variety of residential housing options available. These range from smaller bungalow and cottage-style homes to luxurious residences in golf course communities, thanks to the presence of the Honors Golf Course. While there are some apartment and townhouse communities, Ooltewah is predominantly a single-family residential area, reflecting its recent rapid growth.

The housing market in Ooltewah offers a wide price range, with homes sold or listed anywhere from $70,000 to $6,900,000. The median home price, as of statistics from MLS between January 1, 2023, and November 1, 2023, stands at $424,943.”

What other amenities does Ooltewah offer? 

“Ooltewah boasts new retail, dining options, excellent schools, and proximity to outdoor attractions. Southern University adds to its appeal, making it an all-rounder in amenities.”

What advice would you give to someone considering moving to Ooltewah? 

\“It depends on their lifestyle and needs. Ooltewah caters to a diverse range – from young families to retirees. With the ongoing construction, it’s a great time to invest here. Plus, the community vibe, excellent schools, and only county taxes are big pluses.”

Could you tell us about some local traditions in Ooltewah?

“Ooltewah’s traditions, like the Fourth of July celebration at Veterans Park and the Christmas parade, are community-centric events that bring out a small-town feel. These events are an integral part of what makes living here special.”

Jennifer Regan’s insights paint a vivid picture of life in Ooltewah, TN, showcasing it as a gem nestled near Chattanooga. Its blend of suburban serenity and urban accessibility, coupled with vibrant community life, makes it an attractive location for a diverse range of residents. From bustling community events at the Commons and Cambridge Square to the tranquil outdoor escapes like the Collegedale Greenway and Enterprise South Nature Park, Ooltewah offers a balanced lifestyle that is hard to find elsewhere.

The housing market reflects this growth and diversity, with options ranging from cozy bungalows to luxurious golf course homes. Its rapid development in recent years positions Ooltewah as a prime spot for investment, catering to everyone from young families to retirees. The local traditions, such as the Fourth of July and Christmas celebrations, add to the town’s charm, fostering a strong sense of community.

Ultimately, Jennifer’s perspective as a realtor and resident underscores Ooltewah as not just a place to live, but a community to be a part of – one that offers a high quality of life and a promising future for its inhabitants.

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