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Selling your home can be a complex and overwhelming process; however, with the assistance of KW-Jay Hudson Homes, you can navigate it successfully. With a remarkable 36 years of experience, our team has devised a comprehensive 55-point checklist to guide you through the various stages of preparing, marketing, listing, negotiating, and ultimately selling your home.

Our first step involves gaining a deep understanding of your decision to “Sell My Home” and identifying your requirements for a successful sale. Subsequently, our team diligently follows our established procedures, which encompass handling paperwork, organizing professional photography, and implementing internet-driven marketing strategies. These measures are aimed at ensuring that your home receives optimal exposure to the most promising prospective buyers, enhancing your “Sell My Home” journey.

Jay and his team were the ultimate professionals

Jay and his team were the ultimate professionals both in purchasing a home and in selling a home. They were A+ in our opinion, and that matters to us! Just wish we could’ve taken the team with us to Texas. Thank you, Jay Hudson Homes!

Home Valuation

Are you considering relocating, in need of more space, or looking to downsize? 

Whatever your reason may be for selling your Chattanooga home, conducting a home valuation is an excellent starting point to begin your ‘Sell My Home’ process. Begin by taking a walk around your house, envisioning yourself as a prospective buyer seeing your home for the first time. Pay close attention to the initial impression when driving up and entering through the front door, as well as when walking out into the backyard. Make a note of any noticeable aspects, such as a dead plant, broken door, or burned-out light, that might catch the buyer’s attention and could be pivotal in your ‘Sell My Home’ journey.

Next, please click on the link below to initiate the home valuation process as you prepare to sell my home. Leveraging our professional knowledge of the local market, we will conduct thorough research on your home and its surrounding properties in order to prepare a comprehensive Current Market Analysis (CMA). During our meeting to review the CMA, our agent will tour your home, discuss your desired outcome for the sale, guide you through the process and next steps, and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Once our agent has gained a complete understanding of your home and selling requirements, they will determine the listing price that will attract qualified buyers and devise a personalized marketing strategy tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

Ready to learn about the value of your home, click here, and we will provide a free home evaluation.

We made the absolute right choice in selecting Jay Hudson
to sell our home.

We made the absolute right choice in selecting Jay Hudson to sell our home. His personal attention, professionalism, and communication of what buyers expect in our price range were keys in getting our home sold quickly.

Jay went through each room in our home and gave us a list of improvements that would be financially advantageous for us to complete before the sale; his advice proved to be extremely valuable. Jay and his team are hard working, knowledgeable, and responsive. We were happy to have a professional like Jay in our corner with all the resources that he brought with him. We will recommend Jay Hudson to all family and friends

Tailored Strategies and Cutting-Edge Tech
for Selling My Home

The Keller Williams – Jay Hudson Homes employs cutting-edge technology in both home preparation and marketing strategies to effectively sell my home. In 2022, a significant 52% of home buyers initiated their search online, and 51% of them discovered the home they ultimately purchased through online channels (National Association of Realtors® 2023, 2022 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers).

Recognizing the Internet’s crucial role as the first impression for potential buyers, our team utilizes the latest technology to showcase and market your home effectively. We collaborate with a trusted local professional photographer who specializes in real estate photography, ensuring that your property is presented in the best possible light. Moreover, we arrange for Matterport photography, which offers an immersive 3D interactive virtual tour, allowing prospective buyers to explore your home through the very channels they use to search for properties. Feel free to check it out for yourself.

Additionally, our marketing campaign is tailored to suit your family’s specific needs as we work to sell my home. We provide options such as a ‘Coming Soon’ campaign to generate anticipation or a ‘Just Listed’ campaign for those who need their home listed as soon as possible to expedite the sell my home process. We also consider whether an Open House campaign would be appropriate for your home. Each of our market campaigns includes captivating social media posts that highlight your home and target qualified buyers seeking a property similar to yours.

Many thanks to you and your team for providing a seamless and smooth process

Jay, Many thanks to you and your team for providing a seamless and smooth process in helping us sell our grandparent’s home. The connections you provided were invaluable in helping us get the house ready for market and finding it’s new owners. Under contract in 4 days, and closed in less than 30 days! We couldn’t have asked for a better experience in a difficult time. Thank you again for your professionalism and personal touch.

Let Us Guide You Through the Process to Sell My Home

Experience a Smooth and Successful Sale with Keller Williams – Jay Hudson Homes by Your Side

By enlisting the services of Keller Williams – Jay Hudson Homes, you will have a dependable team of professionals by your side to expertly navigate the home selling process. From the initial stages of preparation to the final signing of the papers, we are here to handle showings, marketing, negotiations, feedback, paperwork, and timeline management, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

We begin by utilizing our advanced showing software to create a schedule that suits your family’s needs, streamlining the process to sell my home. This enables other agents to schedule tours for potential buyers, ensuring convenient and efficient viewings. Moreover, our showing service and lockbox provide an additional layer of security by logging the agents’ entry into your home during showings.

Our esteemed reputation among fellow Realtors® in the Chattanooga area works to your advantage as we diligently follow up with the showing agent to gather insights about the buyers and their specific requirements, as well as to receive any offers.

KW-Jay Hudson Homes will present the resulting offers to you and thoroughly review each one, providing a comprehensive analysis of the pros and cons associated with each offer, as we diligently work to sell my home. Following this stage, our team of professionals will collaborate with the other agent, any necessary vendors, and yourself to effectively manage the timeline of events leading to a successful closing, ensuring we meet your ‘sell my home’ goals.

Great service. Very professional.

Great service. Very professional. Continuously giving updates on market sales in area of our listing and comments, both negative and positive from showings. The easiest real estate transaction I’ve ever experienced. Will definitely recommend him to friends and family for future use!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Selling a Home

Whether we’re out in the community, among friends and family, or meeting new clients, there are certain questions that consistently arise when it comes to selling a house. Here are the top 8 questions we frequently encounter:

Contrary to popular belief, selling your home on your own does not necessarily result in cost savings. In fact, homes sold by a real estate agent tend to fetch higher prices and sell more quickly. Moreover, consider the value of your time spent on tasks such as preparing documents, being available for showings, addressing inquiries, qualifying buyers, and more. Additionally, there are marketing expenses to consider, including signage, professional photography, Matterport (cutting-edge virtual tour technology), and time-tested marketing campaigns.

While online home valuation tools like “Zestimate” can provide a starting point, they should not be considered definitive. We understand that many clients have already utilized such tools; however, we have observed instances where their estimates differ from the findings of our thorough Current Market Analysis (CMA).

These online tools do not account for crucial factors such as the condition of your home, any updates or renovations you have undertaken, or the specific location—be it a highly sought-after area like Signal Mountain or the desirable Reunion Community. The most accurate and reliable home valuation you will receive is the one you review with a KW-Jay Hudson Homes agent after they have personally toured your home to help sell my home. This in-person assessment allows our agent to consider all the unique features, upgrades, and local market conditions that contribute to determining the true value of your property.

No. Pricing your home higher than its market value could potentially lead to a lower final sale price compared to if it were priced 10% below its value. For instance, when a home is priced 10% above its actual worth, only around 30% of potential buyers would consider it. Furthermore, if the home fails to meet their criteria, the next logical step would be to reduce the price.

On the other hand, if you price your home 10% below its market value, approximately 70% of potential buyers will be exposed to it. This can generate a sense of excitement and competition among buyers, potentially resulting in multiple competitive offers. Ultimately, this increased interest can drive up the final sale price, potentially exceeding the original market value of the property.

When you’re ready, families are constantly seeking opportunities to relocate and buy a new home. Nowadays, the timing of the year is not as crucial as it used to be, as there are compelling reasons to list properties throughout the year. However, in terms of the current real estate market, the present moment is highly favorable. We are currently experiencing a housing shortage that is expected to persist for at least another four years. Nonetheless, with interest rates on the rise, the pool of potential buyers is gradually decreasing.

 That depends on you, your home, and your needs.  Once you and your home are ready to schedule photography and start the listing process it usually takes 2-3 weeks to list it.  

 Featuring a minimal selection of furnishings, the home tastefully decorated to provide buyers with a sense of how they can arrange each room and utilize the available space is best. The furnishings strike a delicate balance, offering inspiration without overpowering the overall ambiance, allowing prospective families to envision themselves in the house.

To begin, conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your home, considering both its physical condition and financial aspects, as part of your strategy to sell my home. Take a stroll around the property, putting yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer encountering your home for the first time. Be particularly mindful of the initial impression created when approaching the house, stepping through the front door, and venturing into the backyard

Take note of any noticeable issues that can be easily addressed, such as a dirty path to your front door, a scrape in the wall, or a burnt-out light bulb, which might capture the buyer’s attention. Prioritize meeting with our agent for a complimentary home valuation and discussion of any significant repairs or improvements before embarking on them.

The best approach will vary depending on your specific requirements. If you need to sell your home as is and prioritize a quick sale, it would be beneficial to inquire about the offer provided by the company. However, we encourage you to contact us as well. We offer a complimentary home valuation and will discuss your specific goals for the sale of your property.

Are you willing to invest time in the process and aim to maximize your financial returns as you sell my home? Even if you need to sell as is, we can assist you by leveraging our extensive investor database or listing your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), ensuring it reaches a wide audience of potential buyers. Additionally, we can market the sale as “As Is” to cater to the specific needs of your situation.

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