Graphic with Keller Williams Chattanooga Logo and Jay Hudson Homes Logo with copy "A Dynamic Duo"

Jay Hudson Homes Partners with Keller Williams Realty Chattanooga

A Dynamic Duo in Real Estate Excellence

Graphic with Keller Williams Chattanooga Logo and Jay Hudson Homes Logo with copy "A Dynamic Duo"

In the constantly evolving world of real estate, partnerships are critical to delivering excellence and unparalleled service. This understanding is precisely what underlies the recent collaboration between Jay Hudson Homes and Keller Williams Realty, the world-renowned real estate giant.

Beyond this global recognition, Keller Williams Realty has firmly rooted its presence in Chattanooga, TN commanding a significant amount of market share.  This association with Keller Williams Chattanooga Realty means that Jay Hudson Homes is part of the largest real estate firm servicing the Chattanooga area collaborating with more than 300 local real estate professionals.

Unmatched Support by Keller Williams Chattanooga Realty

Choosing Jay Hudson Homes, supported by Keller Williams Realty Chattanooga, is like selecting a powerhouse of real estate proficiency. Always available for inquiries or assistance, the members of Jay Hudson Homes are available by phone, email, or text to answer your questions.

You don’t just get an agent; you gain an entire team of local experts who are genuinely dedicated to both the community and its residents. This commitment is evident in their shared involvement in events and programs such as the Keller Williams Chattanooga Realty Fall Festival, KW Red Day, KW Cares, KWEB Cares, and the annual Non-Profit of the Year recognition.

A Vast Network

Partnering with Jay Hudson Homes means tapping into a vast network backed by the world’s most expansive real estate company, connecting over 180,000 associates globally.  And for the luxury market, Keller Williams Luxury Realty ensures that your property connects with a global audience spanning five continents.

KW-Jay Hudson Homes consistently engages with the 300-plus local realtors in the Keller Williams Realty Chattanooga community on behalf of our clients. By maintaining regular communication with other agents, our team ensures that our clients’ listings remain top-of-mind. We actively inquire if our properties align with other agents’ clients’ needs or if another agent has a listing suitable for a KW-Jay Hudson Homes client.

Furthermore, Jay Hudson Homes actively engages in two professional network groups and is a member of the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce.

State-of-the-Art Technology

In today’s digital age, 95% of potential home buyers initiate their search online. Jay Hudson Homes, alongside Keller Williams Realty, harnesses top-tier technological tools to ensure optimal online visibility for your listing. Their award-winning tech tools combined with unparalleled market insight guarantee that your property is showcased to its best potential.

“Through technology and innovation, opportunities abound and possibilities seem endless.” – Gary Keller

Continuous Training Provided by Keller Williams Realty Chattanooga

Being part of the Keller Williams Chattanooga Realty ecosystem offers Jay Hudson Homes constant access to daily training sessions. This continuous learning ensures they are abreast of the latest industry trends, regulations, and safety measures, guaranteeing utmost professionalism in every transaction.

Culture of Excellence

At the heart of this partnership lies a shared belief: people come first. Both Jay Hudson Homes and Keller Williams Realty Chattanooga operate on the principle that individual needs and aspirations are paramount.

  • Win-Win                      or no deal
    • Integrity                      do the right thing
      • Customers                   always come first
        • Commitment               in all things
          • Communication           seek first to understand
            • Creativity                    ideas before results
              • Teamwork                   together everyone achieves more
                • Trust                           starts with honesty
                  • Equity                         opportunities for all
                    • Success                       results through people

This commitment to excellence is encapsulated in KW – Jay Hudson Homes’ 5-Star promise: “OUR PROMISE is to deliver service beyond your wildest expectations. We are your real estate concierge. Our dedicated team prioritizes YOU – YOUR LIFE, YOUR NEEDS, YOUR HOME. Expect nothing less than a 5-star experience.”

By merging the strengths of Jay Hudson Homes with the global reputation of Keller Williams Realty, clients can expect a seamless and superior real estate experience.

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