Chattanooga, TN – In the picturesque city of Chattanooga, a revolution in home construction is unfolding. For families like Emily’s, this presents an exciting opportunity in new construction homes, turning the dream of a custom-built home into reality. Jay Hudson, a Keller Williams Realtor, recently had the privilege of speaking with Brian Denis of Condor Construction Partners, who shared insights into the world of new construction homes for sale in Chattanooga, TN.

New Construction Homes: The Allure of Customization

Brian Denis explains that the beauty of new construction homes lies in their limitless customization possibilities. For a family-oriented individual like Emily, who juggles various activities from homeschooling to gardening, a new construction home offers the flexibility to create spaces tailored to her family’s unique lifestyle. “Currently, we are collaborating with a family that requires a kitchen tailored to their specific culinary needs, while also serving as the central hub for family activities. To this end, the design includes a spacious pantry with an extensive prep area. The clients have carefully considered the placement of electrical outlets to ensure they align with the kitchen appliances.”

Brian Denis with Condor Construction Partners explains new construction homes

Modern Features: More than Just Aesthetics with New Construction Homes

When asked about modern features in new construction homes, Brian remarks, “energy efficiency stands at the forefront, with advancements like argon-filled windows”.  Not to mention the advancement home layouts and building materials not only offer aesthetic appeal, but also enhance the functionality and sustainability of the home such as improved ventilation systems and insulation options. This focus on quality and efficiency resonates with Emily, who is mindful of her family’s future and the environmental impact of her home.

The Journey to Finding Your Dream Home

Navigating the real estate landscape can be daunting, particularly when juggling everyday life. Additional support and expertise greatly assist in the journey of building your home. From the outset, each decision made impacts the subsequent steps. Brian emphasizes this to Jay, underscoring the importance of selecting the right location and conducting thorough research on properties before committing. He cautions, “Land that is less expensive to purchase could end up costing more in the long run.” For Emily, a crucial step involves partnering with a knowledgeable realtor who comprehends her unique needs and can adeptly guide her through the complexities of finding the ideal lot and builder.

Brian shares a tip on finding the right place to build your home.

“Finding new construction homes for sale in Chattanooga can indeed feel like a million-dollar question. Over the past three years, we’ve observed that nearly every client faces challenges in locating suitable land or identifying the right planned development for their new construction homes.  In such situations, the selection of land is paramount, especially given the specific demands of our local environment. Alternatively, buyers may opt for lots within planned developments in the area.

A proactive approach can be immensely helpful. Visiting areas where construction is underway and engaging in conversations can yield valuable insights. Often, workers on-site are willing to share information about available lots, the community’s vision, the builders involved, and where to find more detailed information.

For instance, in our current project, we’re working on a five-acre lot. Initially, there were five such lots, all of which were sold before the completion of the roads. Adjacent to this, fifteen additional lots were also quickly purchased. In many cases, buyers discovered these opportunities by simply driving into the area and asking questions or by working with a knowledgeable realtor.

Indeed, having an active real estate agent—someone like you, Jay, who thoroughly understands what the client seeks—is incredibly advantageous. Such agents are instrumental not only in locating the right piece of land but also in guiding clients through the building process. Their expertise and dedication to ‘pounding the pavement’ can make all the difference in turning the daunting task of finding and building a new home into an achievable dream.”

Making the Dream a Reality: The Buying Process

For many, like Emily, the fears of overpaying, construction delays, or regretting design choices are real. Engaging with professionals who understand these concerns and provide transparent, step-by-step guidance can mitigate these fears. Take time to speak with builders, realtors, and loan officers before selecting the professionals to help guide you through the process. 

There are various financing options for new construction homes.  VA, FHA, and USDA all offer construction loans.  Another option is converting the construction loan into a traditional mortgage once completed. There are various financing options for a new construction home, take time to meet with a professional lender to discuss your choices, asking for all the fees and steps to each option.

Design and Customization: The Heart of a New Construction Homes

Customization is the cornerstone of new construction homes. Families can select finishes, flooring, paint colors, and even specific electrical outlet placements. Brian highlights a recent project where a family, much like Emily’s, integrated a homeschooling area, a sizable kitchen for home-cooked meals, and a dedicated gardening space.  This degree of personalization ensures that every corner of the home reflects the family’s preferences and lifestyle.

A Dream Within Reach

For families like Emily’s, a new construction home in Chattanooga is not just a building; it’s a canvas for their dreams and aspirations. With the guidance of experienced professionals like Jay Hudson and Brian Denis, the journey to owning a custom-built home is filled with possibilities and promises of a future tailored to their deepest desires.

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