Photo of Brandie Driskell, the Director of Client Services whom is committed to exceptional service.   Standing on a bridge with downtown Chattanooga behind her.

Brandie Driskell
Director of Client Services, Realtor®

Committed to Exceptional Service Throughout the Real Estate Process

About Brandie

Keller Williams Realty-Jay Hudson Homes is thrilled to have Brandie Driskell as the Director of Client Services. A licensed Realtor® in both Tennessee and Georgia, Brandie boasts an impressive nine-year tenure in the real estate industry. She has an unmatched understanding of the Greater Chattanooga area and the intricacies of the current real estate market. In a world where service standards can often fluctuate, Brandie Driskell stands out as a beacon of consistency. Committed to exceptional service, she raises the bar in client care, treating every transaction as if it were her own.

A Commitment to Exceptional Service

Motivated by her own high expectations for customer service, Brandie is dedicated to delivering unparalleled excellence to our clients. From the moment of initial consultation to the time you’re settled into your new home, Brandie is there with unwavering support. And it’s no surprise.

Brandie has become synonymous with exceptional service. She’s not just meeting expectations; she’s consistently exceeding them. This isn’t just a job for her; it’s a calling.

Brandie understands that real estate transactions can be stressful, which is why she’s committed to delivering a service experience that alleviates that stress. Clients often commend her for turning complex processes into smooth, understandable journeys.

By personally ensuring that each client receives prompt responses, accurate information, and courteous interaction, Brandie fulfills her commitment to exceptional service every single day.

The Organizational Anchor

With her adept organizational skills, Brandie keeps our team on task, on schedule, and constantly oriented towards delivering 5-star service. Each day starts with her providing a list of priorities for each agent, ensuring everyone is aware of timelines, due dates, and important milestones. She brings order to an industry often characterized by chaos, maintaining checks and balances that optimize team performance.

A Pillar of Support

Her contributions to the team are nothing short of invaluable. From transaction management to regulatory compliance, Brandie serves as a comprehensive resource. When it comes to transaction management and compliance, Brandie’s commitment to exceptional service shines through. She isn’t just checking boxes; she’s confirming that every step meets the high standards that our clients have come to expect and deserve. This commitment to excellence extends to overseeing external vendor activities, such as those from lenders and title companies, ensuring that the client journey is seamless from start to finish.

A Heart for Community

Her commitment to exceptional service doesn’t end with her professional duties; it extends into her community involvement. Whether she’s painting a house with Habitat for Humanity or volunteering at a local school, Brandie brings the same level of dedication and care that she does to her day job.

Personal Life and Interests

Rooted in family values and an enduring love for the community, Brandie has been a Chattanooga resident for over 17 years. Outside work, she finds happiness in the area’s abundance of natural beauty and outdoor activities. With her family, she enjoys hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, and the local specialty of cardboard sledding. For Brandie, Chattanooga’s rich offering of restaurants, outdoor activities, and stunning landscapes make it a perfect home.

Values and Inspiration

Guided by her strong faith and the lessons from her grandmother about compassion and understanding, Brandie brings a unique blend of professional acumen and personal warmth to her role. Her grandmother’s legacy of kindness and empathy has deeply influenced Brandie’s approach to both her professional and personal life.

“Chattanooga has so much to offer…you always have something to do! Tons of awesome restaurants, outdoor activities, and beautiful scenery,” says Brandie. Whether she’s helping to build dreams in the community or facilitating dream homes for clients, Brandie is a key asset to both KW-Jay Hudson Homes and the greater Chattanooga area.

From her day-to-day tasks at KW-Jay Hudson Homes to her long-lasting relationships with clients and community members, Brandie Driskell truly embodies a commitment to exceptional service. For her, excellence is not just an act but a habit.