Head shot of Shannon Morlan Your Chattanooga Realtor with Legal expertise.  In Blue dress with black jacket

Shannon Morlan
Agent Specialist, Realtor®


Chattanooga Realtor® with Legal Insight

Shannon Morlan is a dedicated Chattanooga Realtor® based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and is also licensed in Georgia. With a strong legal background and a passion for real estate, Shannon brings a unique blend of legal expertise and a commitment to exceptional client service to the world of real estate.

Professional Journey to Your Chattanooga Realtor®

Shannon’s journey into real estate began in 2010 when she obtained her undergraduate degree in Legal Studies. For over 13 years, she honed her skills in various law firms, eventually managing a boutique law firm for the last six years of her legal career. This experience equipped her with invaluable insights into running a small business and the importance of providing top-notch service to clients—a principle she carries into her real estate career.

In 2020, Shannon relocated to Hamilton County, Tennessee, and decided to follow her passion for real estate. She obtained her real estate license and started working part-time as a real estate agent. However, her passion for the industry grew rapidly, leading her to make the decision to transition into real estate as her full-time career in 2023.

Shannon Morlan joined Jay Hudson Homes at Keller Williams Realty, a renowned real estate agency in Chattanooga to become your Chattanooga Realtor. She is thrilled to collaborate with some of the best real estate agents in the area, ensuring her clients receive the highest level of service and expertise.

Legal Background Advantage

Shannon’s legal background bestows several advantages that set her apart as a standout Chattanooga Realtor®:

  • Contractual Expertise: Her years of experience with contracts provide her with a strong foundation in contractual knowledge, enabling her to navigate the complex legal documents involved in real estate transactions, including purchase agreements, lease agreements, and disclosures, to protect her clients’ interests.
  • Legal Compliance: Real estate transactions are subject to numerous federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Shannon’s legal expertise allows her to adeptly navigate these regulations, ensuring all transactions and property listings comply with applicable laws, minimizing risks and preventing legal issues.
  • Negotiation Skills: Shannon’s strong negotiation skills, honed during her legal career, benefit her clients when negotiating terms, prices, and conditions in real estate deals.
  • Problem-Solving and Analytical Thinking: Her background equips her to address unexpected challenges and make informed decisions by applying analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. This ensures that her clients receive well-informed advice and that transactions progress smoothly.
  • Dedication to Client Service: Shannon is dedicated to helping her clients make the best decisions for their families. Her commitment to promptly respond to client inquiries underscores her dedication to providing top-notch service and minimizing the stress of unanswered messages.

Personal and Family Life

Shannon’s upbringing in Saint Petersburg, Florida, instilled in her a strong work ethic and deep faith, values passed down by her parents. She is grateful for their example of hard work, honesty, and unwavering faith, which continue to guide her life.

Shannon has two children, an adult son who resides in Florida, and a 16-year-old daughter who attends Soddy Daisy High School. Her family, friends, and Christian faith hold a special place in her heart. She cherishes her Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings spent at Abbas’s House worshiping and serving in Hixson.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Shannon enjoys exploring the scenic beauty of downtown Chattanooga, trying out the area’s diverse restaurants, and immersing herself in the breathtaking outdoor adventures and hiking spots the region offers. Her commitment to her community is evident in her appreciation for Hamilton County and its dedication to making it a better place to live.

Shannon Morlan is more than a Chattanooga Realtor®; she is a dedicated professional with a strong legal background, a commitment to client satisfaction, and a deep appreciation for the community she serves. Whether you’re buying or selling, Shannon is your Chattanooga Realtor® whom you can rely on for a seamless and informed real estate experience.