Head shot of Jennifer Regan Chattanooga Real Estate Expert

Jennifer Parton
Agent Specialist, Realtor


Your Trusted Realtor

Jennifer Parton brings a wealth of experience and a heart full of compassion to the Chattanooga real estate scene. As a valued member of the KW- Jay Hudson Homes team, Jennifer looks forward to serving you as your trusted Realtor. She is dedicated to helping families and individuals find their perfect homes in Tennessee and Georgia.

A Trustworthy Realtor

Jennifer is not just a Realtor®; she’s your trusted Realtor, dedicated to helping you find your dream home. With a career spanning over 28 years in the Early Childcare Industry, including serving as the Director of a childcare facility, Jennifer honed essential skills that have seamlessly translated into her role as a Realtor®. When it comes to real estate, trust is paramount, and Jennifer is the Trusted Realtor you can rely on. “It’s a big deal trusting someone with your children just like trying to find a realtor you can trust,” Jennifer recognizes.

A New Career

Jennifer’s decision to transition into real estate was driven by her desire to become a trusted Realtor for families in the Greater Chattanooga area including both Tennessee and Georgia.  She is confident that the skills she developed over the years will be invaluable in the real estate business.

She believes that there’s no better way to assist a family in finding the home of their dreams than by entrusting someone who genuinely cares and will take the time to understand their vision. Jennifer’s exceptional multitasking abilities, cultivated in her childcare career, will be put to good use as she goes above and beyond to meet your real estate needs. She knows that real estate is a team effort, and she is a dedicated team player who wants nothing more than to see her clients, their families, and her colleagues succeed.

The Golden Rule of Respect

Jennifer’s commitment to the Golden Rule of respect is what makes her a trusted Realtor in the eyes of her clients, treating others as she would like to be treated. This principle shines through in her interactions with clients, ensuring that every conversation, whether in person or over the phone, feels like a warm conversation with family.  When you work with Jennifer, you’ll experience firsthand what it means to have a Trusted Realtor who treats you like family.

Life Beyond Real Estate

Beyond her career in real estate, Jennifer’s dedication to being a trusted Realtor extends to her family life. She embraces her roles as a wife and mother to three wonderful children, as well as daughter to an encouraging father. She also makes sure her beloved dog and cat receive the attention they crave. Beyond family, Jennifer tends to her garden, nurturing her flowers to bloom beautifully.  Whenever she has a free moment, you’ll find her in her garden, tending to the soil with care.

Sunday mornings hold special significance for Jennifer as she enjoys the fellowship and faith of attending church with her family. This tradition extends to Sunday evenings, where Jennifer hosts family dinners reminiscent of times past. Her older children return home, and her father joins them for laughter, storytelling, and a delicious Sunday meal. Sometimes, in the warmth of these gatherings, she even hears a confession or two from her grown children.

Dreams and Aspirations

One of Jennifer’s dreams is to embark on a road trip out west to experience the breathtaking landscapes, especially in Wyoming. She envisions stopping along the way for hikes and horseback riding adventures, creating lasting memories with her loved ones.

Life is full of obstacles, and finding a new home is no exception. Jennifer is here to guide you through this journey as your trusted Realtor. With her wealth of skills and unwavering dedication, she’s ready to help you overcome any challenges that may arise. “I am excited to meet all kinds of new families to get them to their dream home,” Jennifer says with enthusiasm. Trust Jennifer Parton to be your partner on your real estate journey, where your dreams of home ownership become a reality in the greater Chattanooga area.