Soddy-Daisy is a small city located in Hamilton County, Tennessee. With a population of just over 12,000 people, it is considered a suburb of Chattanooga and is situated approximately 20 miles north of the city.

The area that is now Soddy-Daisy was first settled in the early 19th century by pioneers who were drawn to the region by its natural resources, including fertile land and abundant timber. The city was officially incorporated in 1969, and its name is derived from two nearby communities: Soddy and Daisy.

One of the most notable features of Soddy-Daisy is its proximity to the Tennessee River. The river provides a variety of recreational opportunities, including fishing, boating, and water sports. The city also has a number of parks, including the North Chickamauga Creek Gorge State Natural Area, which offers hiking trails and stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Soddy-Daisy is also home to a number of historical sites, including the Soddy-Daisy Heritage Center, which offers a glimpse into the city’s past through exhibits and artifacts. The center also hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including concerts, festivals, and educational programs. A great place to also visit is

The city has a strong sense of community, and residents take pride in their city’s small-town atmosphere. The downtown area is home to a variety of small businesses, including restaurants, cafes, and shops. The city also has a number of churches, which provide a sense of community and spiritual support.

Soddy-Daisy has a strong public school system, with several schools in the area, including Soddy-Daisy High School, which has a reputation for excellence in academics and athletics. The city also has a number of private schools and pre-schools, providing families with a wide range of educational options.

The city also has a number of healthcare facilities, including the Soddy-Daisy Urgent Care Center, which provides medical services to residents and visitors. Soddy-Daisy also has a good transport system via bus, car and trains which makes it easy to move around and access other parts of the state.

In terms of economy, Soddy-Daisy is home to a number of small and medium-sized businesses, including manufacturing and retail companies. The city also has a number of job opportunities in the healthcare, education and service sectors. A fantastic read

Overall, Soddy-Daisy is a wonderful place to live and visit. With its small-town atmosphere, proximity to the Tennessee River, and abundance of recreational and cultural opportunities, it is the perfect place for families, retirees, and anyone who appreciates the beauty and tranquility of the natural world. The community spirit and the friendly people make it a welcoming and enjoyable place to be.